Photos by

Jakob Hultén


My name is Jakob and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

I started with photography as a teenager in the 80’s. I shot mostly black and white and we spent nights in the darkroom making our own prints on cheap but high quality silver-rich baryta paper from eastern Europe. 

Early inspiration came from masters like Christer Strömholm, Anders Petersén, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Joseph Koudelka. Photography became to me a way to express myself in a personal, artistic way and a mean to see the world around me, especially after an evening course with very inspiring teachers in the early 90’s. 

Although I more or less left photography behind I always kept the love for photography as art.

In 2020 I picked up the camera again. This time digital and color. At first I was very sceptic about it, I didn’t like the feeling of looking through an evf and was stressed by lcd menus etc. But I overcome that.

I have almost exclusively photographed as I walk the streets (mostly in my hometown). So that is street photography, which came naturally since it was what we did for the most time in my youth.

Since 2020 I have photographed a lot and social media have been an important part of my process this time. In particular instagram gave me a chance of showing and testing out what I was doing by sharing my work with other photographers around the world. Yes, social media has many downsides but instagram is full of dedicated artists and photographers that provide great inspiration.

I have no particular plan when I am out on the streets, but I am interested in life, in people, characters, in the ordinary. I like colors. I think I like street because of all that plus it gives you a lot of creative freedom. Some photographers look for the ‘decisive moment’ (a term coined by legendary Cartier-Bresson). To me every moment is, or could be, decisive. 

“If everything is perfect, it dies. It’s only the element of chance, the spark of life, that brings truth into things. In art, in creativity, all we strive for is truth.” (Leonard Freed)

“I am at war with the obvious” (William Eggleston)